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Public Skating


Click here to view available times and to register for our public sessions! You must be registered before coming to the facility.

POD SKATE Registration

Please visit our OpenSports page for all registrations for our POD (Family) Skates


Looking for the perfect Family Activity!? We have the thing for you, POD Skates! What is a POD Skate? We take the sheet of ice and divide it into 3 parts, then you rent 1/3 of the ice to enjoy with yourself and up to 9 guests. It is up to you how you want to spend that hour of ice time! Figure skating, sure! Hockey drills with foam pucks, yes! Doing mini laps with family, of course! These are a great way to get the whole family on the ice and enjoying the magic of Skating.  

We will have rental skates available included with the POD rental cost. If you are interested in bringing recess activities for your POD such as: foam pucks, sticks, stuffed animals, ect. feel free! We are able to bring a hockey net to your station if requested. 

All Covid Protocols do apply to POD Skates. No hard pucks allowed


Public Skate Sessions are back and waiting for you in DASH! You must be enrolled prior to coming to the facility. All Public Skate Sessions will be limited to 50 people. No lessons will be allowed at this time. 


You can click HERE and it will take you to the Drop-In Events page in DASH for easy registration! 

- OR - 

- Head to the DASH registration page, you can also get there from the sign up button on our website, and click the Drop-In Events tab on the left side. 

- From there you will be able to select the day you are interested in and add the number of participants to your cart. You are only able to register participants that are in your account, however DASH makes it easy to share the event to friends that also want to attend! 

- When you are ready to check out click your cart. It will ask you to assign the participants that will be skating. Be sure to complete the transaction after you assign the participants and be on the lookout for your recent transaction email! 

- When you arrive to the rink please have your confirmation email with the QR code ready to be scanned to keep this process as smooth as possible. We are so excited to get you back on the ice and hope to see you soon!



- Dress appropriately. The rink is cold so don't forget to wear layers and comfortable athletic clothing. Helmets are recommended for all skaters in addition to gloves, socks that come above the ankles, and extra padding. Skaters are welcome to visit the Pro Shop for skates and athletic gear.

- For young and inexperienced skaters, consider enrolling in a Learn to Skate Session and attending a weekday public session.


- Follow the Skate Guard's directions and requests and skate with the flow of traffic.

- All skaters must be wearing their wristband on the ice as well as skates. No shoes allowed.

- Both hockey and figure skates are available for rent. We do not have half sizes. Hockey skates run a little bigger than shoe sizes. Figure skates are usually the same.

- No cameras, cell phones, headphones, backpags, large bags, or purses are allowed on the ice.

- No cones, buckets, or walkers are allowed on the ice to assist new skaters as these can create a danger for others. Carrying small children is also forbidden.

- No hockey sticks or pucks are permitted on Public Skates, but patrons are free to wear full hockey gear.

- Please do not skate through the center of the rink in between the four cones. The center of the ice is for skaters working on maneuvers.