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The Ashburn Ice House Pro-Shop is stocked with anything you may need for any level of Figure Skating, and Ice Hockey. We can be your one stop shop for all your equipment and apparel or Hockey or Figure Skating. Expert fittings and sharpening services is what we do best.


Recreational Skater, Or Just Starting Out?

For our recreational skater community, we have a good selection of comfort skates in either figure or hockey skates. For our figure skating side we offer skates like the Riedell 615/625 Soar and the Riedell 18/118 Sparkle skates. Both skates are only available in full sizes and are $79.99. If you are looking for something a little more reasonable, we also offer the Jackson 150 skate. Just as the previous two the 150 only comes in full sizes but prices range from $53.00 to $60.00. (Prices are determined by skate size) For our hockey skaters out there we offer two recreational skates in the Bauer NS and the NSX. Both come in full sizes and the prices range from the NS Junior sizes being $49.99 and the Senior sizes being $69.99. The NSX skate prices are, Junior $69.99 and Senior $89.99. All these skates are designed to give as much comfort possible to give you the positive skating experience you are looking for.

As always feel free to come on by and talk to one of our sales associates here for any other help or assistants you may need. We are here to help as best as we can and to give you the best service as possible. See you on the ICE!

Pro-Shop Services

Pro-Shop Skate Sharpening:
Hockey and recreational figure skates: $10.00
Flat bottom V sharpening: $10.00
Initial sharpening of skates not purchased in our Pro-Shop: $15.00
Competitive figure skates with advance blades: $20.00

Repairs and Services:
Figure Test Mount - Basic figure skate mount.
Figure Permanent Mount - Additional screws added to anchor blade to scale.
Boot Stretch - Stretching of boots in either length or width.
Heat Molding - Skates are warmed in our boot oven then laced on the skater's feet.
   This improves fit and speed in the break in stage.
Waterproofing - Preparing figure skates soles with wax.
Skate Hook Replacement - Replacement of broken or missing hooks.
Eyelet Replacement - Replacement of broken or missing eyelets.
Riveting - Replacement of loose or missing rivets.
Skate Blade Straightening - Straightening of bent hockey blades
Blade Holder Replacement - Replacement of hockey blade holders.
Runner Installation - Replacement of hockey skate runner.
Figure Skate Blade Remount - Repositioning of existing blade or mounting of new blades on existing boots.

Other Services:
Stick Cut - Cut hockey stick to correct height.
Stick Blade Installation - Installation of replacement stick blades.
Helmet Repair - Replacing missing or broken screws and size adjustment.
Visor/Cage Installation - Installation of visor or cage to helmet.

Blade Alignment - Assessment of current blade alignment to correct skating issues.
Skate Boot Consult - Assessment of boot fit and or suitability for the skaters foot and or level of skating.

Pro Shop Seasonal Hours

Hours Open Close
Monday 12pm 9pm
Tuesday 12pm 9pm
Wednesday 12pm 9pm
Thursday 12pm 9pm
Friday 12pm 9pm
Saturday 10am 8pm
Sunday 10am 8pm

Patrick Gouveia

Pro-Shop Manager