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Pro-Shop Services

Pro-Shop Services

Pro-Shop Skate Sharpening:
Hockey and recreational figure skates: $8.00
Flat bottom V sharpening: $10.00
Initial sharpening of skates not purchased in our Pro-Shop: $15.00
Competitive figure skates with advance blades: $20.00

Repairs and Services:
Figure Test Mount - Basic figure skate mount.
Figure Permanent Mount - Additional screws added to anchor blade to scale.
Boot Stretch - Stretching of boots in either length or width.
Heat Molding - Skates are warmed in our boot oven then laced on the skater's feet.
   This improves fit and speed in the break in stage.
Waterproofing - Preparing figure skates soles with wax.
Skate Hook Replacement - Replacement of broken or missing hooks.
Eyelet Replacement - Replacement of broken or missing eyelets.
Riveting - Replacement of loose or missing rivets.
Skate Blade Straightening - Straightening of bent hockey blades
Blade Holder Replacement - Replacement of hockey blade holders.
Runner Installation - Replacement of hockey skate runner.
Figure Skate Blade Remount - Repositioning of existing blade or mounting of new blade
   on existing boots.

Other Services:
Stick Cut - Cut hockey stick to correct height.
Stick Blade Installation - Installation of replacement stick blades.
Helmet Repair - Replacing missing or broken screws and size adjustment.
Visor/Cage Installation - Installation of visor or cage to helmet.

Blade Alignment - Assessment of current blade alignment to correct skating issues.
Skate Boot Consult - Assessment of boot fit and or suitability for the skaters foot
   and or level of skating.