You may contract the ice for your private use.  The cost of the ice is $500/hour.
One hour rental includes an ice resurfacing of 10-15 minutes and 60 minutes of skating time.  There is a maximum allowance of 300 skaters on the ice for a skating event and the rental does include the use of rental skates. The rental does not include the use of rooms, skate guards, or instructors.

Email the for availability for the ice.

Guidelines to follow for events:

  • Do not mix recreational skating and Hockey on the ice at the same time.
  • For safety purposes require full protective gear for Hockey events
  • Allow plenty of lead time when looking to contract the rental of the ice rink.  Our schedule is very full during the hockey season, September to March.

When should I rent the ice?

  • Private Pick Up Hockey
  • Team practices
  • Corporate Event
  • School Event
  • Private skating party
  • Private broomball party

How do I rent the Ice?

Have some alternative dates and general times that you are interested in.
Know how long you want to use the ice specifically.  Your event may be in the building for several hours but you may only want to skate for 1 or 1.5 hours.
Avoid our public skate times if it is for a skating event.
Our Birthday parties are around our public skate times and therefore it is less likely there will be a room available during that time.  We also have a limited number of rental skates so we are careful to not have private skating events at the same time as public skate