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Effective immediately, we no longer require a face covering within our building for fully vaccinated participants or spectators.

The CDC advises that individuals who are not fully vaccinated should continue to wear a face covering.

Ashburn Ice House employees that are fully vaccinated will have the option to not wear a face covering.

The safety of our patrons and employees is our main priority and concern.


Due to the Governors updates to Executive Order 72, the Ashburn Ice House is beyond thrilled to announce that beginning April 3rd we will bring back activities and viewing privileges that we all know and love!  

These protocols will remain in effect: 

- Enforced Social Distancing  

- Continuing our mask policy  

- Each person entering the facility must have a DASH barcode to be scanned for contact tracing purposes  

- All activities must be purchased in advance through either Open Sports or our DASH platform 

- Entry to the facility will remain 10 min in advance of the start time and exit within 10 min after. 

- Continual sanitation of high traffic areas 

- Our Pro-Shop is open and accessible to everyone with a limited capacity. 

- Our Mezzanine will remain closed

- Skaters should arrive dressed and ready to take the ice, locker rooms are still closed, bags are not permitted in the building


Exciting changes we will be making effective April 3 @ 6:00am:

- Public skates will be back on the schedule, limited to 50 people.  

- Spectators are now being allowed back in the facility, we are allowing a maximum of 2 per participant.  -

- Please be sure to review directions that you will receive based on the program you sign up for. 

- We will be strictly enforcing a 100 person spectator limit per activity with the use of wristbands.  Please be sure they are visible. 

- Spectators will be asked to stand where directed and not crowd rink entrances or exits.

- Temperature checks are no longer required

COVID remains a risk and to reduce the spread in a public place it is important to continue to follow the CDC Guidelines to reduce the spread of the disease. Our primary goal is to keep our patrons and employees safe while we work to bring you back to normal.  

We can’t wait to welcome you back and restore the sense of community we are all craving!  This is the first step towards that destination.


All protocols detailed below are still in action until 4/1. We will post updates as needed. 

November 16 COVID UPDATE

The Ashburn Ice House would like to thank everyone for their continued support and understanding during these unprecedented times. As you may be aware, the Governor has issued an update to executive order 67 to remain in effect until March 2021. 

Although we do not need to change the number of participants allowed in the building, there has been a limit imposed on the number of spectators allowed in a recreational facility. Therefore, effective immediately, we are now enforcing a zero spectator limit on all activities in order to keep all patrons and employees safe. Additionally, we are now requiring masks be worn at all times when on our property for all programs. These areas now include the benches outside our front entrance and the tent dressing area. The only exception to wearing a mask being for hockey teams participating in games or practices (while on the ice), and figure skaters doing their program run through (on the ice); Masks are not required while on ice for these events. The amended executive order also requires masks/face coverings for everyone from age 5 and above.

For Pro Shop, shoppers that would like to visit our store you will receive a specific color wristband – you may enter the stores but must promptly depart the facility when your shopping is complete. 

All of our standard cleaning, social distancing, and mask protocols still stand.

Thank you for being understanding and continuing to embrace all of the guidelines we need to enforce. Our goals are always to provide a safe environment for our customers, employees and community and remain open.  While the additional restrictions may be frustrating, we appreciate your cooperation in the enforcement of them by our hard-working employees!

We understand guidelines are rapidly changing and we are doing our best to provide you with a clear understanding on what to expect upon entering our facility! 

Thank you! 


Please remember -  

Anyone who has had a positive test for COVID-19, is awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test or had close contact (within 6’ for 15 mins over 24 hours or more or lives in the same household) with someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 in the past 14 days may not enter the facilities. 


Ashburn Xtreme/Selects Visiting Team Protocol


1.      Only (4) coaches, (1) team manager per team will be permitted to enter the building. No spectators will be allowed.

2.      (1) videographer will also be admitted to the building

3.      Visiting Team will submit USA Hockey Roster to the Check In Table at the Ashburn Ice House which be used to check the approved coaches and team manager on the Roster. Videographer name will need to be handwritten on that roster.

4.      DASH Account is still required for all players, coaches, team manager, and videographer to enter facility. (

5.      Parents can bring their child to the check in table to check in with their Dash Barcode and then the child will receive a wristband so that we know they have been checked in.

6.      Penalty boxes will not be used. Players report to their player bench to serve their penalty

7.      Masks are required when on our property. This now includes the lace up area at our front entrance and in the tents for both players, parents and coaches.

8.      Locker rooms are not available. Players should arrive dressed, if not, they must dress at their car or in the tent areas as available. The benches in front of the rink are not to be used as a locker room. BRING A CHAIR to dress in the tent.

9.      Do not attempt to enter your playing area until 10 minutes prior to your on ice time

10.  Place your mask back on and exit your playing area immediately upon the conclusion of your event



Program Guidelines

Freestyle Sessions

Sessions must be reserved online 

There will be a maximum of 25 skaters on the ice for a session

Learn to Skate

Click here to register for our next series of classes beginning the week of October 12th

Stick and Shoot/Adult Pick Up

Sessions must be reserved online   

There will be a maximum of 25 skaters and 2 goalies.


Monday – Friday 10am-8pm; Weekend Hours 10:00am-8:00pm

 Inside Edge

Hours of Operation vary by day. Please see list of offerings on OpenSports

Must sign up online-




We  are updating our rink management platform.  Once we complete our migration our customers will find a 1 stop shop for leagues, classes, camps, and drop in activities.  This transition will occur over a couple months.  Shortly we will begin doing check-in and out for our facility using this platform so if you plan to enter our facility please create your account now One parent should add their children to their account.  If you want us to join a partner or spouse to see the children schedules please let us know by emailing us at The spouse/partner will need to have an account made.

You can download the app DASH ONLINE for easy access on your phone

Retail customers will also need to create an account to allow us to check you into our facility.

Open Sports will continue to be available for all of our drop-in activities until further notice. 

Sign up for OpenSports

Create Dash Account

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